Lawn Care Tips

10 minute lawn care

Take 10 minutes out and get into the yard, take a walk over the lawn and look for these things:


See a weed or 3, pull them out now, it only takes a few seconds and stops weeds from overtaking our lawns, while also completely eliminating any need for weed sprays.    


Check the leaf of the lawn. If it is wilting it’s telling you it needs another drink of water, so now is the time to give it a healthy watering. Best to water in the morning or in the evening not in the heat of the day.

Garden Beds

Take a look at the garden beds, if lawn runners are beginning to emerge in the garden bed, they are still young and easily removed by hand. Do it now and avoid a massive garden clean-up!

Lawn Pests

By taking a stroll across the lawn, it enables us to see any lawn pest problems in the earliest stages. All lawn pests are easily defeated when they are caught and treated early. 

General Lawn Health

When we take a few minutes out with our lawns, we can see if the lawn is deteriorating in health and may need a little boost with extra feed. If the lawn has lost its colour and there is no environmental reason for it such as winter or drought, then the lawn definitely needs some fertiliser.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  



3 Keys to a Healthy Green Lawn

Lawn Watering

The first consideration will be the seasons. None to little water in the winter, regular watering in Spring and Autumn and more frequent watering in Summer. The best regime for watering in Summer would be one watering in the morning twice a week. When combined with applying the correct amount of water to achieve deep watering, this lawn care regime with produce a beautiful lush green lawn with a nice deep root system.



Lawn care routines must include light fertilising every 2 months, this provides them with the nutrients they require to maintain and reach that dark green colour and health. There is a difference in quality of fertilisers, and the results show in the lawn, using a cheap fertiliser may save money, but it won’t give the lawn the quality nutrients it requires. So spend the few extra dollars and buy the quality brand, the results will be amazing to see.


Lawn mowing

Begin the lawn mowing process by mowing the perimeter in a clockwise direction. Often a second outer ring is a good idea as it provides greater room to turn the mower to the next step. After cutting the perimeter, it’s now a simple case of mowing the lawn in straight lines to finish the area. As you begin mowing each new path, it’s a good idea to quickly check the straightness of the mowing path you just completed. If it’s straight, follow exactly next to the same path on return. This simple and easy technique makes a huge defference to the finish quality after the job is done. While the practice of correct lawn mowing techniques may at first seem like making a big deal out of something very simple, but in reality the opposite is the truth. After a few mowings these very simple lawn mowing techniques, the new patterns will quickly become second nature, improving the quality of the finished result, and saving a lot of time from each lawn mowing session.